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  • nagubor home heronagubor home hero

    A good website serves a purpose. A great website tells a story while doing it.

    The Nagubor.fi website tells the story of how it is to live on the island of Nagu in Southwestern Finland. It serves the people living on the island, people thinking about moving to the island, and passers by…
  • Organized by BurleyOrganized by Burley

    When your private story becomes your business.

    Katy helps and teaches people how to become more organized so that they can, “live their best lives”.
  • Altrui consultingAltrui consulting

    Helping NGOs one tip at a time.

    Dan quit his day job to to pursue his calling. He now helps NGO’s thrive and consults on how to fundraise money for their causes.
  • Author Taya Devere webpage by UUDLYAuthor Taya Devere webpage by UUDLY

    An introduction to books for a short attention span. 🎁

    Taya Devere needed a simple showcase website for her upcoming book series the “Borderline Series”.

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