Your Brand is what people think and associate with Your Business.

So what do you want people to think?
#Affordable, helpful, encouraging and friendly…

Your brand will create emotions and feelings in the minds of your customers. The good thing is that it’s not completely out of your control!

#Affordable, helpful, encouraging and friendly…

Your brand will create emotions and feelings in the minds of your customers. The good thing is that it’s not completely out of your control!

#Affordable, helpful, encouraging and friendly…

Your brand will create emotions and feelings in the minds of your customers.
The good thing is that it’s not completely out of your control!

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Own your brand!

Build your brand from scratch in 3 steps.

The following steps are carefully planned, and when executed, give you the blueprint and keys to a successful brand! As a result you’ll know how take control of your brand and feel confident about making changes.

  • 1. Define Your Brand’s Core

    Defining your brand’s core values, purpose, mission and vision are the first steps in the process of creating your brand or making adjustments to your current brand.

    Start by putting together a small team of key people within your brand. Gather people that are deeply involved internally with your brand but also people that are involved with your customers. Once assembled it’s time to think and jot down why exactly you are doing what you are doing.

    If you are a solo-entrepreneur then it can really help to bounce your ideas off someone. We can be that someone, giving you useful tips and advice that promote the longevity of your brand.

    In this step we create the following:

    • Why does my brand exist?
      What does the future look like for my brand?
      How do I create that future?
    • Core values are the beliefs that you, as a brand can stand by and that guide your brand story, actions, behaviors, and decision-making process.
    • You are perhaps not the only one with this business idea in your area, but there is only one you!
    • Who the people are that you want to reach. What are they like, what do they like and what needs do they have?

    Create your brand story.

    A brand story can be a personal one or can be the story of finding a solution to a problem. There are many different kinds of brand stories but what will make it stick out and memorable is if the story becomes relatable and transmits a feeling to your audiences.

    A good starting point is to ask yourself: What drove you to want to start your business?

    If the answer simply; “money”, then take a step back and revisit your values. If you come back and you still feel that you are only working for money then get it touch with us and we will help to angle your business.

    Defining your brand’s core can be a daunting task. Many companies will have these ideas in a very official format such as a statement hidden deep within their websites or annual reports. But how many actually take the time to sit down and feel how they resonate with these statements? Times change and healthy brands adopt to the times.

    To help you find your brand’s core you can use our Brand Questionnaire. You can fill it up with your team, alone or together with us. If you’d like our help then usually in 1 or 2 online meetings we will have your brand’s core fleshed out.

    When defining your brand core with the help of us you get the additional benefit of looking through the eyes of someone not attached to your brand.

    When completing this step together with us you’ll also receive a concrete document containing your brand’s core. 

    Once your brand’s core is ready you can start working on the messaging and identity of your brand.

  • 2. Write Messaging that resonates with your Core and relates to your Audience.

    In the previous step we found your unique story, now it’s time to think about how to communicate that story in a relatable and compelling way to your target audience.

    During this step it is also good to go through your main selling points for your product or business. In this step you will also crystalize your brand’s essence and give it a catchy and compelling tagline.

    This also works for organizations. Do you want to attract volunteers or do you need funding? Learn to direct your message towards your audience so that your cause sounds captivating and clear.

    In this step we create the following:

    • An NGO dealing with mental health doesn’t sound the same as a car brand. 🚗
      To connect with your audience you need to sound authentic and relateable.
    • Who would be your dream brand ambassador? Are you a witty and trendy hipster
      or a firm but helpful big brother?
    • You aren’t just looking for a great name. You’re looking for a great name for you!
    • Red Bull: Red Bull gives you wings.
      Nike: Just Do It.
      The tagline is the extension of your brand by which people will remember you.
    • Which are the functional and emotional benefits that you offer?
    • Which are the main selling points of your products and or brand?

    Own your Brand!

    Let’s say you want to become a Health Coach or start your beauty salon or Yoga studio. You are not the only one with this business idea in your area, but there is only one you! Here is where your brand’s messaging and story becomes important.

    For example, will your health coaching sound friendly or authoritarian? If you are giving health advice, will it be direct or indirect? Are you targeting women or men or both or others? What kind of tone will sound more convincing?

    When your brand has a strong core that you love and a story and voice that you feel comfortable with you will start communicating in your brand’s voice naturally.

    Having your brand messaging in order and in line with your brand’s core will help your marketing efforts become consistent and clear!

  • 3. Support your Strategy visually with an identity that is uniquely you!

    Before diving into your brand identity and creating a logo as the first thing it’s really important that you have your brand’s core and messaging mapped out. In other words, the brand core and the brand messaging can be seen as your brand strategy and the brand identity the tools to visually support that strategy. Makes sense?

    We can create these visuals for you:

    • A brand style guide is the handbook over the aesthetics of your brand. Without one its impossible to keep consistent, with one, any designer can create exact visuals that represent your brand.
    • A logo is like a visual tagline. It’s how your brand gets recognized visually.
    • Human centered visual stories that speak to the heart.
    • Hightlight your case with eyecatching visuals.
    • Inclusive custom websites that give your visitors a warm welcome.

    Show your Brand!

    Your brand identity is how you look to the world. Images and graphics communicate on a sensorial level. This is why so many people take their decisions based on what they see before they have even tasted the food, listened to the sales pitch or tried the product. Remember that looking cool to one target group can make you look really uncool to an other. 😎 Therefore you have to be certain that your identity or image matches that of your strategy.

    Your brand needs guidelines and an aesthetic that is recognizable and consistent across all the touchpoints were you are visible.

    When designing your identity, we create a comprehensive visual language that can be applied to everything from your website and Instagram pics to your billing, packaging and even store front!

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1. First Contact
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2. The Brand Questionnaire
This questionnaire can be filled in on your own, with your team, or together with us. It depends on how far along the road you already are. Our goal with the brand questionnaire is to give you the tools and guidance so you can define your brand’s core and start on your messaging.
3. Deliverables
Online campaigns, storefront and fair graphics, decals, brochures, handouts, websites, product mockups, infographics, character design, videos, photos, and the list goes on. We got you covered!

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